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How do I play my game on more than one device and/or Facebook?
Read the "Account Management" section below for more information!
What do I do if I get a new device/phone?
Read the "Account Management" section below for more information!
What happens if I reset my account?
Resetting your account cannot be undone.
I made a purchase and nothing happened! What do I do?
Once in a while, payments may take some time to fully process. If you are experiencing difficulties, contact us through the help link and attach your receipt for quicker service.
How do I reallocate my Attribute and Tactic points?
To reallocate your Attribute and Tactic points, visit the Black Market page. Reset your Attribute or Tactic points, to reallocate them. This will cost 10 Gold Bars the first time and 40 Gold Bars thereafter. You may only reset these once every 2 days.
How do I change my Squad name?
If you want to change your Squad name, visit the Black Market page. Your first name change is 10 Gold Bars. Additional name changes cost 20 Gold Bars.
What are achievements and how do you get them?
Achievements are earned by completing various actions and are showcased as medals on your Squad page. Scroll over your medals to view your progress throughout the levels of achievement.
How do I make a Clan?
In order to create a Clan you must be at least a level 40 Squad. Create a Clan through the Clan page found on the home screen. Click the "create your own Clan" link and name your Clan. Creating a clan has a cost of 10 Gold Bars.
How do I join a Clan?
To join a clan, visit the Clan's page and click the "Request to Join" button. The leader of the Clan may accept or reject your request. Please note that there is a maximum of 10 members per Clan. Follow the "Clans" link from the home page to view the ranked Clans list or use the search function.
How do I post someone on the Bounty list?
In order to place a bounty on a Squad they must be within your range. Visit the Squad's profile and select "place bounty." The cost of placing a bounty will vary based on the Squad’s income and will increase each time that you place a bounty on an individual Squad for a period of 12 hours. Of the total bounty payout, 80% will go to the player claiming the bounty and 20% will go to bounty fees.
How do Lands and Properties work?
Lands and properties will generate and increase your overall income to help counterbalance and maintain your upkeep. In order to purchase a property, you must first purchase land to build on. In the process of purchasing a property, the corresponding land will be consumed. You may purchase lands and properties on the bases page. The maximum number of lands/properties you may purchase at once is 10. Since land and property prices increase slightly with each transaction, it is more cost effective to buy in units of 10 where possible. Lands and structures generate income. Income can be collected hourly and will accumulate up to 24 hours. If income is not collected prior to the 24 hour period, it will stop accumulating.
What battle restrictions exist in Forces of War?
You may only engage in battle with Squads who are within your level range (85-130% of your current level), and you may only attack an individual up to 100 times per day and kill them up to 10 times per day. The only time a Squad outside of your level range may attack you is when you are posted on bounty or when you have attacked them on the bounty and they are retaliating. Retaliation is allowed for a period of 48 hours. Squads outside of your level range can attack you up to 15 times/day and kill you up to 3 times/day. NOTE: If you have already reached the battle restrictions with a Squad, but are then attacked by that Squad, you then have the option to retaliate. With the "+1 Retaliation feature", you will be given an extra hit for each additional attack your opponent can perform outside of your range (up to the maximum daily limits).
How many Alliance members and Mercenaries can I equip and take into battle?
You may equip 200 Alliance members and 100 Mercenaries with one weapon and one vehicle each. The best weapons/vehicles will be automatically engaged. The maximum capacity for equipped team members in battle increases by 4 each time you level up.
How does assembling weapons and special weapons insurance work?
In order to add special weapons to your arsenal, you'll need to assemble them first with bonus items and/or weapons. Keep in mind that assembling special weapons is not guaranteed. If assembly fails, all items will be lost and the special weapon will not be assembled. To protect your hard-earned bonus items, you might wish to purchase special weapons insurance from the Black Market page. Special weapons insurance costs 20 Gold Bars. Although Insurance will not guarantee that a special weapon will be assembled successfully, you will have 5 protected attempts. Ensure that you have checked the box beside the special weapon to indicate that you would like to use insurance prior to assembling.
How do I participate in Clan Wars?
To participate in Clan Wars, you must first join or create a Clan. To join a Clan, visit the page of another Clan and send a request to join. The easiest way to find a suitable Clan is to visit the Clan page and sort by "Open Membership". These Clans can be joined immediately (no request necessary!) by selecting the option to Join on the respective Clan's page.

Wars are initiated after a war declaration is accepted by a defending Clan. Visit the "declare" and "accept" questions in this FAQ for more detail!
How do I declare a Clan War?
To declare war, navigate to the page of another Clan, and select the "Declare War" option at the top of the page. Note that only Leaders and Officers are able to Declare War.
To challenge another Clan to a war, both your Clan and the opposing Clan must have at least two members, and neither can currently be engaged in a War.
How do I accept a War declaration?
To accept a war declaration from another Clan, select the "View Requests" link on your Clan page. In the "War Challenges" area of that page, there will be an entry for each outstanding war request, and it can be Accepted there.

After a request is accepted, the war will begin in one hour, so get ready!
What actions can I perform during a Clan War?
Every Squad participating in a Clan war can initiate one of five actions:

Attack - Initiates an attack against a selected Squad. Costs 1 War Ammo. When War Ammo is replenished, regular Ammo is consumed

Medic - Immediately replenishes your instanced War Health at the cost of Cash.

Heal - Gives 20% of your total Health to a selected member of your own Clan.

Defend - Allows you to defend another member of your Clan, redirecting a hit initiated against them to you.

Recharge - Fully regenerates your War Health and War Ammo. Costs 2GB.
How do I win a Clan War?
In order to win a Clan war, your Clan must push the "tug-of-war" style war meter fully into your own favour. There are two ways to deliver damage to the opposing Clan and capture more of the meter: through battle wins and kills, and by Capturing Ground.
What is Capturing Ground?
Capturing Ground is crucial to defeating opposing Clans during Wars.

They can be performed when the opposing team has no living Squads, at which time the "Capture Ground" option should appear. Pressing this button will Capture Ground against the opposing Clan, granting your clan more of the war meter. It's vital to keep your Clan members alive to prevent the opponent from Capturing Ground against you!
How often can I participate in Wars?
Wars can only be initiated against the same opposing Clan once every 24 hours. Wars against different Clans can be waged during that period however, the only restriction being the one hour wait between the approval of a declaration and the beginning of a war. Clans can only have one scheduled war at any given time, though outstanding War requests can be approved after the current War is finished.
How long do War Declarations last?
War declarations will expire two hours after they have been sent.
How do defence tokens work?
Defending a clan mate awards them a defence token. This defence token is good for completely deflecting one attack by an enemy player. The clan mate who gave the token receives all of this attack's damage. Players are able to "stack" defence tokens, which show up as numbered shields on their avatar. A user can only have a defence token placed on them from one other user at any given time.

A defending squad can only distribute up to 10 Defense Tokens to their team members at any given time. They must be removed (as a result of attacks from the opposing side) for the user to distribute any more.
What are all the different clan ranking ladders?
OVERALL This ladder is updated once a week. Clans are ranked based on their activity, and victories.

MOST POWERFUL Exclusively based on your clan level average. The ladder is intended to show a clan’s strength through level and members.

SUB 80 WAR LADDER Clans are ranked exclusively on a give and take basis. If you lose a war to a lower level clan, you’ll drop down a spot and they’ll take your place. There is no consequence if the lower ranked clan were to lose that war. This ladder is reserved for extremely active clans who will need to fight to maintain high positions.

80+ WAR LADDER Clans are ranked exclusively on a give and take basis. If you lose a war to a lower level clan, you’ll drop down a spot and they’ll take your place. There is no consequence if the lower ranked clan were to lose that war. This ladder is reserved for extremely active clans who will need to fight to maintain high positions.
What do I need to do in order to appear on the ladders, how do I move in it?
OVERALL Clans are included in this ladder by default. You can move up this ladder by battling clans who have a higher ranking. The higher ranked the clans are, the more you have to gain. War losses do not decrease your ranking, but inactivity will.

MOST POWERFUL Clans are included in this ladder by default. You can move up this ladder by levelling up your character or by adding players of higher level.

SUB 80 Only clans who are "Ready for War" will appear on this ladder. Furthermore, your clan must consist of exclusively players who are under level 80 (not clan average). You can move up in the ladder by defeating a clan of higher ranking. When you beat a clan of higher ranking, you take their place, plain and simple. The losing clan will then drop a space. If the lower level clan loses the war, the rankings remain unchanged.

80+ Only clans who are "Ready for War" will appear on this ladder. Furthermore, at least one of your clan members must be level 80 or above. You can move up the ladder by defeating a clan of higher ranking. When you beat a clan of higher ranking, you take their place, plain and simple. The losing clan will then drop a space. If the lower level clan loses the war, the rankings remain unchanged.
What’s the significance of the Ready for War status?
The "Ready for War" status will keep you open for an immediate and forced war. Any clans that share the same status will be able to initiate this war. Once a war is initiated, you and your clan have 30 minutes to prepare.

The "SUB 80 WAR LADDER" and "80+ WAR LADDER" both require clans to have their "Ready for War" status enabled. Because of this, these ladders can be the most brutal to maintain ranking.

Removing your "Ready for War" status on either of these ladders will remove you from the ladder and your position will be forfeited.

Only the leader of the clan has the ability to turn "Ready for War" on or off.
How does the Supply Drop work?
The Supply Drop is a purchase that will deposit 5 Gold Bars into your account every day that you sign into the game for 30 Days. Your first Supply Drop will be delivered to your account 24 hours after your purchase.
Why isn't the Supply Drop working on iOS?
There is a temporary issue with the supply drop on iOS devices that prevents it from being purchased. This should be repaired in version 1.40 of the iOS application, which should arrive very soon.
What is a Secure Account?
A secure account is any account that has been connected to a Facebook and/or Uken Account.
What are the benefits of Securing my Account?
Securing your account ensures that you can always restore your progress, even if the app is uninstalled or your device is lost. It also allows you to play across multiple devices and platforms with ease.
How do I secure my account?
You can always secure your account by visiting the Settings page, then selecting the "Secure Your Account" option. On this page, you'll be presented with the Securing options available on your platform.

When selecting Connect to Facebook, you'll be redirected to a Facebook login prompt, and you'll simply need to login to secure!

When selecting Connect to Uken, if you do not already have a Uken Account registered to your e-mail address, you'll have to create a new account with an e-mail address and a password. Your account should be secured immediately after the account is created.
How do I transfer my account to another device or platform?
To transfer or sync your account with another device or platform, first ensure that the account has been secured. If it is not secure, you will need to login to your account on the original device, then follow the process outlined in the "How do I secure my account" section.

Once it has been secured, first load the game on your new device, and then visit the "Connect" page.

If you have not already made a Squad on this device, simply select the "I already have a Squad" button from the first screen to navigate to the Connect page. If a Squad already exists on the device, the Connect page can be reached by selecting "Settings" from the very bottom of the page, then "Secure Your Account" from the Settings menu.

From the Connect page (depending on how your original Squad was secured) select "Connect to Facebook" or "Connect with Uken". Simply login on the following page, and your Squad should immediately be restored!
What if I lost my device, and did not secure it?
We strongly recommend securing your account at the first possible opportunity. That said, if your account was not secure and you have lost access to your device, please contact us through the Contact Us form on the Help page, or at support@uken.com. Be sure to provide us with your Squad name and your platform. We'll do our best to help you retrieve your account as quickly as we can!
Can I secure my account with both Facebook and Uken?
Yes, you can! Accounts can be secured with both Facebook and Uken if desired.
What are Daily Tasks?
Daily tasks provide users with the opportunity to earn extra Gold Bars by performing various assignments. Tasks will range is difficulty, and do not need to be activated to count. Once task parameters are met, simply claim it from your "Task" tab!
How many can I earn?
You can earn up to 3 tasks a day. The tasks will be automatically be replenished after a 24hour period.
How do I collect my reward?
You can claim a task reward by visiting the "Tasks" tab, and clicking on "Claim 'x' Gold Bars" button beside the appropriate one.
My task/s are too hard, and I can't complete them. Am I stuck?
Tasks are replenished every 24hours, so if one has not been completed, it will be replaced with a new one!
What are Lieutenants?
Lieutenants are special units that you can enlist to join you in battle. They share some similarities with Weapons and Vehicles, in that they increase your Attack and Defense scores in battle, and you can only equip one for each member of your alliance.

Unlike these items, however, they can have special "Perks" which can enhance your Squad in a variety of ways. See the "What are Perks?" section of the FAQ for more detail.
What is the difference between "Generic" and "Limited" Lieutenants?
Limited Lieutenants can level up (to a maximum of Level 5) and also have Perks, which can modify your overall strength in battle in a variety of ways. Each Lieutenant has a variety of Perks, which are unlocked as they progress and level up.

Generic Lieutenants cannot be levelled, and do not carry Perks. They can, however, be used to "train" your Limited Lieutenants so that they can level up. See the "Training" section of the FAQ for more detail on this.
How do I obtain Lieutenants?
Generic Lieutenants can be purchased directly from the Lieutenants page, and are also periodically dropped when attacking Invasion Bosses.

Limited Lieutenants are only available for limited periods of time, similar to Limited Edition Items, and can be purchased from the Lieutenants page. Visit the Lieutenants page to see which are currently available for sale, and to find out when more will become available for purchase.

Some very rare limited lieutenants will also only be available through special events.
How do lieutenants impact my battle score?
Each Lieutenant has an associated Attack and Defense score (which should be visible on the Lieutenant's page) and these function just like Item Scores.

You can see the cumulative effect on your attack and defense scores in the "Barracks" section of the Lieutenants area.

Additionally, after any battle, by opening the Battle Results pane, you should be able to see the cumulative Lieutenant Score, including how many were brought into battle, for both yourself and your opponent.
How many lieutenants can I use?
Lieutenants behave similarly to both Weapons and Vehicles in that you can have one equipped for each member of your alliance. Effectively, the maximum number of Lieutenants that can be used in battle is 300.

It's worth noting that you can only have one of each Limited Lieutenant, however you can have as many of any given Generic Lieutenant as you would like, and bring all of these to battle.
What determines which Lieutenants are brought into battle?
You can bring one Lieutenant into battle for each member of your squad, reaching a total 300 if you have 100 mercenaries and your alliance is completely maxed at 200.

If you have more than 300 Lieutenants, the most powerful 300 Lieutenants in your Barracks will automatically be used.
How does training Lieutenants work?
Limited Lieutenants can be upgraded on the "Training" section of the Lieutenants page. Generic Lieutenants can be "dispatched" to a Limited Lieutenant, increasing their overall XP and eventually causing them to level up.

Dispatching a Generic Lieutenant will "consume" them, removing them from your Barracks. Be mindful of this when upgrading your Limited Lieutenants! Though you'll be increasing their strength, you will also be sacrificing your Generic Lieutenants.
What is the benefit of levelling my Limited Lieutenants?
When a Limited Lieutenant levels up, two things happen:

- The Lieutenant's Attack and Defense Stats are increased, increasing their strength in battle.
- An additional Perk will be unlocked.

These Perks "stack" -- so upon reaching level 5, your Lieutenant will have five active Perks, expanding your strength in a variety of ways. Level 5 is the highest level that a Lieutenant can reach.
What are Perks?
Perks increase the strength of your Weapons and Vehicles in battle.

There are a wide variety of Perks, and they variety from Lieutenant to Lieutenant, and level to level. To see which Perks any given Lieutenant has, check the "Perks" section of any Lieutenant's page.

Perks also "stack", so if you have two Limited Lieutenants with the same Perk, the overall increase will be cumulative.

You can see which Perks are currently "in effect" by visiting the Barracks section of the Lieutenants area.
What are Passive Tactics?
Like the classic Battle Tactics, Passive Tactics offer enhancements to your Squad and can be upgraded by investing Tactic Points.

However, unlike Battle Tactics, Passive Tactics are always “active”. The effect of these tactics is persistent, and there is no need to “equip” the tactics to receive the enhancements. For instance, if one point is invested in “Energize”, a persistent modifier of 1.05% will be added to your Energy total. It will only be removed if your Tactics are reset in the Black Market.
Where can I see my Passive Tactics?
Passive Tactics can be found on your profile page, within the “Passive” tab of the “Your Tactics” section. On this page, you’ll be able to invest tactic points into these tactics, and view the current modifiers for any learned Tactics.
How do I unlock Passive Tactics?
All Passive Tactics are unlocked at level 30. You must also have a minimum of 48 tactic points invested (in any available Tactics) to begin investing points into Passive Tactics.
How do the Passive Tactic modifiers work?
Passive Tactic modifiers offer persistent enhancements to your Squad. Consult the following list for more detail:

Energize: Increases your maximum Energy by 1% with the first point, and 0.05% with each additional point.

Capacity: Increases your maximum Ammo by 1% with the first point, and 0.05% with each additional point.

Endurance: Increases your maximum Health by 1% with the first point, and 0.05% with each additional point.

Tempest: Increases your XP Earned by 1% with the first point, and 0.03% with each additional point.
Why aren’t my attribute maximums increasing when investing in Energize/Capacity/Endurance?
Since these increases are based on a percentage of your attributes' maximums, the higher your attribute is, the more each individual point will contribute to that maximum. If your current maximum is very low, the value of each individual tactic point invested will be lower (and you may need to invest a few Tactic Points to increase the attribute by 1).
What is "Brawl"?
"Brawl” is an all new event type that allows players to battle both against enemy Invasions and one another, all at once. A series of rooms are available, and each contains a suite of bosses to battle against. When they are defeated, their “slot” is temporarily cleared, and another will soon spawn in its place. At the same time, users can see a list of all other players in the room, and can easily engage in battle with them. This becomes very important because of how the rewards work!
Brawl Rewards
When a boss is defeated, it will distribute a reward equally to all players in the room. This means that, the fewer players in a room, the more each individual player will potentially receive. It’s to your advantage to keep the pool of users in a room relatively small, to hoard as much of the rewards as possible. You can knock users out of the room by killing them — a good strategy is to knock users out shortly before bosses are about to be defeated.
What are the different rooms?
Rooms are locked to specific level ranges, and only 20 users are allowed in a room at once.

Users can be "pushed" out of the room by external forces, so if get ejected from a room and want to serve up some cold revenge, you can track the user down and "pull" them out of the room from the battle list or profile pages. Additional rooms during events may be added to meet any demands. So if you can’t immediately find a vacancy in a room, hold tight, more may appear shortly.

Two additional points about rooms:

• Being inactive in a room for too long will flag you as "Idle" and cause you to be booted from the room.

• Many common battle restrictions are not active in PVP Invasion rooms. Rooms are level locked, however standard level restrictions do not apply within rooms. The "Injured" state also does not affect battles inside these rooms, so you will remain vulnerable to attack all the way to death.
What is a Faction?
A faction is an organization that allows multiple clans to group together to communicate more easily, cooperate in special tournaments, and fight to earn control of the Top Faction Mandate. Squads who are members of a Faction also receive the "Enterprising" bonus.

Each Clan can only be a member of one Faction. Likewise, Squads cannot be affiliated with more than one Faction at any given time.
How do I create or disband a Faction?
Factions can be created by any Clan through the Clan Bank at a cost of 250 Gold Bars. Only the Clan Leader can attempt to start a new Faction, however any member of the Clan can contribute Gold Bars toward the cost.

A Faction is automatically disbanded when all clans leave.
What is the Clan Bank?
The Clan Bank allows Clan members to collectively contribute toward Clan Upgrades by pooling their Gold Bars together.

To Contribute to an Upgrade, select the Upgrade, then select the number of Gold Bars that you'd like to pledge and press "Contribute". Every member's contributions will be listed on the Upgrade's page.

If you change your mind, and the purchase has not been confirmed, your own contributions can be withdrawn from the Upgrade from the same menu. This will also be triggered automatically upon leaving or being removed from the Clan.

Only the Clan leader can initiate the Upgrade after all of the required points have been collected.
How do I join or leave a Faction?
Your current Faction is always determined by your Clans' Faction.

If a Clan is currently not affiliated with any Faction, the leader can send a join request to a Faction by visiting that Faction's page. This page can be reached through the Leaderboard or through the Clan page of any member Clan.

To leave a Faction, visit your Faction HQ and select the Gear icon to bring up your Faction Settings menu. Select "Leave Faction" on the menu that appears. Only the leader can perform this action.

Clans can also be forcibly "kicked" out of Factions by the Clan member.
What happens when the Faction Leader leaves their Clan?
When the leader of the Clan that created a Faction leaves that Clan, Faction Leadership is transferred to whichever Squad becomes the new leader of that Clan.

If the Faction Leader is the last member of their Clan, Leadership will be transferred to the leader of the Clan that is the oldest member of the Faction.
What is the Enterprising Perk?
"Enterprising" is a benefit that Squads who are members of a Faction receive. It provides 10% bonus to income collected from bases for as long as the Squad remains in a Faction.
What are the benefits of being the Top Faction?
Upon overthrowing the Top Ranked Faction, your Faction will immediately receive an Influence Bonus (determined by how long the previous Faction had retained the lead) and also earns the ability to modify the Top Faction Mandate.
What is the Top Faction Mandate?
The Top Faction Mandate is a global modifier that affects all players in the game and is controlled by the current top ranked Faction. It can be adjusted once every 18 hours, and can have a variety of effects, including increasing the energy cost of missions or the cash collected from properties.

The current active Mandate can be viewed by visiting the Factions tab on the Clan page.
What is Faction Influence?
Influence is the score that determines your Faction's current Ranking on the Faction Leaderboard. It's an overall indicator of the Faction members' success and participation.
How is my Faction's Influence determined?
Faction Influence is determined by a variety of factors, and takes into account the actions of every member of each Clan in the Faction over the last seven days.

Influence is improved by completing Missions and by winning Battles and Wars against members of other Factions. It can be depleted by losing Battles and losing Wars.

Influence also takes into account the overall size of your Faction. Large Factions have the potential to have the greatest influence, but only if all of its members are active. A large Faction with very few active members can potentially have a lower influence score than a smaller Faction where every Squad is actively contributing.
How can I communicate with my Faction?
Members of a Faction can communicate with one another through the Faction Wall, accessible through the Faction HQ.

When posting in the forum, the name of your current Faction will also be visible, allowing Squads to easily identify their fellow Faction members.
How do I change my Faction Name and Description?
The name and description associated with a Faction can be adjusted by the Faction Leader on through the Faction Settings page. This can be reached by selecting the Gear Icon at the Faction HQ.
What are Territories?
Territories can be controlled by Factions. Controlling a Territory grants all members of that faction a special perk. Once controlled, Territories must be actively repaired and defended from opposing factions. If a Faction loses control of a Territory, they no longer enjoy the associated perk.
What are Territory Perks?
As long as a Faction controls a Territory, all members of that faction enjoy the benefits of that Territories Perk.

Different Territories possess different Perks, and the effects vary considerably: some allow you to earn more cash from Missions, others may improve your strength in battle or accelerate your regeneration. Scout the map on the Territories page to learn about them all!
How does a Faction take Control of a Territory?
Each individual Territory can be accessed by tapping on a particular Territory on the map, and then selecting “Join the Fight”. Within the Territory, Squads can Attack the Territory, and each hit will deplete the Territory Health.

When a Territories Health reaches 0, the Territory will be seized by the attacking faction with the most users inside the Territory. In the event that there are two factions with the same number of users in the Territory, it will become controlled by whichever of the two delivered the most damage to the Territory.

When a Territory is nearly destroyed, try to eliminate members of opposing Factions in the Territory to ensure that your Faction takes control!
Who are the Top Contenders in a Territory?
The Top Contenders section of a Territory page is an ordered list of the Factions that currently have representation in the Territory. The #1 Top Contender is the Faction that is currently poised to take control of the Territory when it is destroyed!
What does it mean when a Territory has Repairs Underway?
When a Territories Health reaches 0, it is temporarily destroyed and becomes inaccessible for a short duration of time. During this period, the new controlling Faction will be able to enjoy the effects of the Territory Perk without having to actively defend it. However, once the repair period ends, the Territory will be vulnerable to attack once again.
How do I defend my Faction's Territory?
If you are a member of the faction who controls a Territory, upon entering the Territory “room”, you will be given the option to Repair instead of Attack. Repairing a Territory consumes a small amount of your engery, and will replenish a portion of the Territories overall health.
This Territory is completely occupied, how do I get in?
If a particular Territory is completely full, you can try to knock users out of the Territory by selecting the “View Players” option on the Territory pop-up (which appears when attempting to enter a Territory). This will display a list of all users currently inside the Territory. If you can manage to kill them from outside the Territory, they’ll be knocked out, and you can attempt to take their place.
What does the Black Market Efficiency Perk do?
The Black Market Efficiency Perk grants a user more Gold Bars for each Gold Bar purchase in the Black Market.